Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pray for solution to invasive species?

At Invasive Species Blog:

There's an interesting little piece in today's Christian Science Monitor about an invasive species control method that I must admit I have never considered: prayer. The author of the article notes that global efforts to manage invasive species are stalled by politics and by social issues, and goes on to suggest praying as something that can be done right now and that could inspire folks to come up with potential solutions and lead to greater cooperation.
Hey, why not? What with local nurseries selling invasive Ligustrum (privet), there's a lot of material to pray about.

Dear Lord,

I never thought I'd ask you
To strike the shrubbery dead
And brown the foreign fescue
Which fills my heart with dread.

While you're on this killing spree
Please smite the nasty tallow tree.
If you're inclined to really hustle,
Zap to death the zebra mussel.

Formosan termites need a blast,
As does that thug called Johnson grass.
Fire ants, kudzu, Ligustrum vulgare,
A list too long for this brief prayer.

Take no prisoners, leave no seed,
Thanks for helping in my hour of need.

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